Why? Because I’ve ruined a few. And not just Christmas–pick any holiday, really. It happens the same way every time: I drive up with the best of intentions, sipping coffee on the Merritt Parkway, indulging in caffeinated visions of familial joy. I think, “I’m going to be really nice this time. And fun. And if […]

If you turn your nose up at online dating, or love to complain about how “it doesn’t work,” I have a suggestion: Replace the term “online dating” with “my love life” and you’ll have a fairly accurate take on what’s holding you back in the relationships department. Look, I know why you’re afraid: You think […]

You have this idea about dating. And it’s wrong. Actually, you have a lot of ideas, presumptions, assumptions, and suspicions about dating, and they’re the things that hold you back and make dating miserable. One of my favorites is this one: “Dating takes too much effort.” I’m sorry—wha? Anything worth doing requires effort. Sure, dating […]

The holidays can be very tricky ground–especially if you’re in a relationship that likely will not make it to 2013. When the New York Times’s Social Q’s columnist Philip Galanes came on my radio show last week,* he said it simply: “You’re entering the no-fly zone.” In other words, if you’re going to get out, get […]

In the final scene of Breaking Dawn, Part II (trust me, this is hardly a spoiler), our immortal lovers make out in a field of daisies, promising they will love each other forever. As the scene fades to black, the word “forever” burns across the screen. And it occurred to me shortly thereafter, in the […]

If you’re the sole single at your family gathering, you may feel the heat. Fact: Your relatives will ask you about your romantic status. They want to know! This might feel like a nuisance, a minor bump in the conversation, or it may feel very confronting. But it doesn’t have to be. You can’t change […]

I’m not one to totally freak out over the holidays. Then again, I don’t have five kids to buy for or a ton of relatives coming to my house to eat a meal I planned and executed on my own. And yet, many of you do. This can cause no small amount of stress indeed. […]

I write for Galtime, and I love doing it. But I have to call them on the carpet for this recent post by therapist Jane Greer, “Is Your Career Killing Your Relationship?” Or maybe we just leave Galtime out of it and ask Greer what the hell she was thinking. Why? Because the very notion […]

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Screw Dating. Just Get Married (Yes I Said That)

If you're dating and dating and you hate it and wish you could just get married already, well, maybe you should do that. Exactly that: Get married NOW, and date that person later. I got this nutty idea from Hellen Chen, who has given herself…

Don't Get Mad at Data, Even If It Knows When You Should Be Married

A while back Time magazine announced its Facebook app that tells you when you should be married. It pissed a lot of people off. My question is, if you're mad, why? What the app purports to do is mine your and your friend's Facebook data…

How I Learned to (Literally) Play the Field: Getting Over My Fear of Football

I'm the world's very worst sports fan. Meaning, I'm not a sports fan. I don't follow it, and am so utterly ignorant about the whos and whats of sport it's embarrassing. In fact, it's been a concern of mine since, well, as long as I can remember,…

How Stuff Gets Written: Insight Into the Creative Process

How does stuff get written? Depends on who's writing it. I know some writers obsess about their "process" but the biggest challenge for me is sitting my ass down and doing it. The one thing that makes a writer different from anyone else,…

Your Age Is the Worst Excuse Ever

If you're not online dating, you're not dating. Period. I meet and work with people all the time who want to "get back into dating," but don't know how. I ask, "Have you put your profile up online?" "Um, no." Why? I'd guess that 80 percent…