Eat an Ugly Hot Fruit

click here There are lots of nice-looking tomatoes out there, but if given the choice, I skip the conventionally pretty and go for the ugly-hot ones instead. Think Black-Eyed Peas over Black Swan kind of hot. You can find identical tomatoes that appear to have popped out of a factory any day of the week. But the […]

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Leave on Time

trusted tablets I looked around the office. Everyone was in their seats: The health editor was bent over a manuscript; the lifestyle editor flipped through blogs in search of her next story; the market editor hunted down gloves for an upcoming shoot. Normally, I would just keep myself planted there, to be part of the team, to […]


Try the Whelk (Even If You Don’t Know What It Is)

buy now Last night I met a new friend for dinner at the John Dory restaurant on 6th. I had champagne and oysters on the brain, craving the alternating pleasures of crisp, toasty bubbles paired with the cool mouthful of salt and sweet oyster flesh. I had never heard of whelk (aside from Lawrence, kept fresh in […]


Go Out for Brunch (i.e., Get Out of Your *** House)

click here Today is my birthday. October 9th. It falls during the preliminary days of autumn when you don’t know whether to wear shorts or pack a sweater. The day before Columbus Day. And, in grammar school, marked the beginning of Fire Prevention Week, during which local firemen would come to Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament […]

How Jury Duty Has Turned Me Into a Bitch on Wheels

Jury duty should be humbling: You must do your civic duty, after all. You are reminded that, unfortunately, no, you do not have a choice in the matter. It's one of the few snags of living with freedom and justice for all--someone's gotta serve…

Why You Should Date a Man With Baggage

When you find out a guy has been married before, do you hit the brakes? Worry that he may have too much...baggage? I tell you what: You should be far more afraid of the dudes with zero baggage. I personally have never trusted someone who travels…

How to Happen to the Hottest Guy in the Room

You've spotted him. He's the one you want and there's no denying it. What do you do--stand coyly by and hope he notices you, chooses you, initiates? You can. But the women with a little hustle are going to beat you to it. I will beat you to…

Don't Cry For Me: How Emotional Bait Failed to Save a Second Date

I cried like a bitch at the end of The Sessions. This was not a single tear or two. This was full-on heaving, both hands to your head and give it up in a snobby, snotty fit. If you saw the movie, you know why. Because it's incredibly fucking…

Why I'm Afraid I'll Ruin Christmas

Why? Because I've ruined a few. And not just Christmas--pick any holiday, really. It happens the same way every time: I drive up with the best of intentions, sipping coffee on the Merritt Parkway, indulging in caffeinated visions of familial…

Why You're Afraid of Online Dating

If you turn your nose up at online dating, or love to complain about how "it doesn't work," I have a suggestion: Replace the term "online dating" with "my love life" and you'll have a fairly accurate take on what's holding you back in the relationships…