When is it ok to leave the door open when you’re on the toilet? The answer is….Never. Never, ever, ever. You hear me? My friend sent along this humorous piece on Jezebel (and when are they not humorous?) in which the author maps the long, downward spiral of physical intimacy, starting with Level 5: Stepford […]

You’ve had a skirmish. A lover’s quarrel. A knock-down, drag-out fight. And so understandably, you’re upset. The one thing you must not do: Soothe yourself. That’s right. And I heard it straight from the source of seasoned psychologist Dr. Gail Gross. Today. She told me over tea while sketching out the diagram on a piece […]

But you’re such a sweet girl. Why aren’t you married yet?” Ugh. If you’re a single woman like me, I’m sure you’ve heard this refrain before. (Replace “sweet” with: fun, cool, smart, pretty, etc–all the same thing.) I have to admit I’ve puzzled over this for a while myself. I’ve thought, God, not only am […]

A week or so ago, I had four inches cut off my hair. Just like that. I was itching for a change. When the stylist asked me if I was “attached to the length,” I said no, and waved her off in my best impression of the most well-adjusted woman on the planet. When I […]

When I feel like I’m all over the place, literally and figuratively, I know it’s time to get a new bra. Maybe two. I’m serious. Don’t overlook this vital piece of your wardrobe–though I’m guessing you do, since, like me, you probably get dressed on autopilot and never realize how tired your titslinger has become. […]

An old friend of mine moved back to New York and before he found an apartment, the guy has dates out the wazoo. Here’s a man who knows how to make it happen. You know how? He asks. He asks a lot of people. He shows interest in lots of ladies online and doesn’t hang […]

I don’t look or feel that much different than I did two, five, even ten years ago. In fact, I look better now, thanks to having grown out some questionable haircuts and dropped gluten from my diet. Certainly, no worse for the wear. I still get carded (wherein I blush and make a fuss). But […]

Everyone mourns the end of summer. I always did, too. I’d get nostalgic and weepy as a kid, watch horrible VHS tapes of a family trip to the beach, make mix tapes of songs that I could sob over in September. Ah, summer, so delicious, fleeting, and sweet. But was it? No, it never was. […]


How Your Computer Could Make a Better Boyfriend

I love my Mac. Sometimes I take it to bed with me, it's true. Though, things between Siri and me are somewhat strained (she still can’t remember my mother’s name? Really?). We're all in the thrilling, flirty phase of modern tech. We're…

What Your Response to The Dress Says About You

Well, I learned more about rods and cones this week than I'd planned to. But the most fascinating thing about #thedress controversy wasn't just how wildly different our color perception is, but what the response to this bit of viral lunacy…

How to Get Past Your Fear of Self-Promotion

You can't run a business, even the smallest of businesses, if you can't promote that business. And if you're like many people, selling yourself can feel...icky. Like, so icky you don't do it. This doesn't bode well for your business.…

Give It Away Now: 3 Ways to Free Up Your Time

I never considered myself a DIY kind of girl: I don't hang my own shelves or put up preserves; I derive no greater joy from painting a wall or doing my taxes than paying a professional to get it done right the first time. But what I do…

3 Ways to Own the Crap Out of Your Personal Brand

I help people become better presenters of their own ideas. It's what I do. And the brunt of that work has less to do with technique (saying "um" too much for example) than it does psychology. Because once you feel more confident, it's…

3 Things to Do (and Not Do) on Valentine's Day

It's easy to pile on poor Valentine's Day. And if it makes you feel any better, a rather small slice of the population is really psyched about it. If you're single, chances are you roll your eyes, flip couples the bird. If you're in…