If you’re the sole single at your family gathering, you may feel the heat. Fact: Your relatives will ask you about your romantic status. They want to know! This might feel like a nuisance, a minor bump in the conversation, or it may feel very confronting. But it doesn’t have to be. You can’t change […]

I’m not one to totally freak out over the holidays. Then again, I don’t have five kids to buy for or a ton of relatives coming to my house to eat a meal I planned and executed on my own. And yet, many of you do. This can cause no small amount of stress indeed. […]

I write for Galtime, and I love doing it. But I have to call them on the carpet for this recent post by therapist Jane Greer, “Is Your Career Killing Your Relationship?” Or maybe we just leave Galtime out of it and ask Greer what the hell she was thinking. Why? Because the very notion […]

General Petraeus should not have resigned. In fact, I wish the president had said, “Sorry General, I do not accept. Now, get back to work.” I’m not going to pretend I understand the goings-on of the FBI and the CIA, and the more I read about the Petraeus scandal, the more I realize that a […]

Yes and no. And not the way you think. Can you be involved with someone who lives far away? Yes. Will it work if you attempt to adhere to hard-and-fast rules where you define the success of the relationship by how “true” to each other you can be, by how little you can be invested […]

I’m no stranger to asking out dudes. I’ve done it—slipped my number into someone’s hand, slid a napkin-scribbled note onto a table, approached a man eating alone at a sushi bar, even walked straight up to a very hot guy in some kind of grounds crew and invited him to call me. But I’ll be […]

Jealousy is a beast of a thing. It makes you hate the situation you’re in, the people involved, and yourself. It’s a storm of anger, fear, and self-loathing. And the more you focus on it in an effort to control it, the more out of control it gets. I get jealous. And I’ve discovered something […]

Spontaneity can be a great thing–the impromptu cocktail with a friend, a last-minute jaunt out of town with a guy (or girl) you like a lot. I get it, I love it. It can be fun and thrilling and very romantic. I welcome those rare opportunities, especially when they happen with people you know you […]


Your Age Is the Worst Excuse Ever

If you're not online dating, you're not dating. Period. I meet and work with people all the time who want to "get back into dating," but don't know how. I ask, "Have you put your profile up online?" "Um, no." Why? I'd guess that 80 percent…

Take Your Love Life Into the Woods (And I Don't Just Mean Sex Outdoors)

Is your love life the romantic equivalent of a suburb? All plotted and predictable bits of grass and shrubbery; quiet, controlled, and so boring you want to blow your brains out? Time to leave the suburbs—and head into the woods. This lesson…

3 Things to Do and Not Do on Valentine's Day

It's easy to pile on poor Valentine's Day. And if it makes you feel any better, a rather small slice of the population is really psyched about it. If you're single, chances are you roll your eyes, flip couples the bird, and want to go "eff…

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Hit the Brakes on the Relationship Talk

So you think it's time to have The Talk. You like each other, and you want to know the deal. You want to know where things stand. Don't do it. In fact, delay that conversation as long as you possibly can, especially when you've just started…

Your Heartache Does Not Make You Interesting (It's a Drag)

Seems like a no-brainer, but it's a bad idea to point out your flaws on a first date. Or a second date. Or on your dating profile. Or, when you're on The Bachelor. Despite what you may think, your pain does not make you interesting, or attractive.…