Why Aren’t Dudes Reading 50 Shades?

A guy I know recently asked me if I’d read Fifty Shades of Grey. I said yes, I had. He then told me he didn’t know any women who HADN’T read it. “Have you read it?” I asked. He hadn’t. I know very few men, in fact, who have read or even peeked at the […]


Madonna Can Make You Happier Than Your Boyfriend Can

Madonna can—and so can just about any rock star or pop icon or celebrity that you happen to really, really like. More so than a boyfriend. More than most boyfriends. It’s true. Get tickets to see her. Or anyone. If you think that obsessing over celebrities is going to wreck your self esteem, new research […]


Don’t Put that Picture in Your Dating Profile.

A woman called into a radio show I was on recently, talking about online dating, and asked, “I heard all guys look at are the pictures. Is that true?” The undertone of this question-slash-fear is, “Are looks the only thing that matters to a guy?” Not the only thing. But a big thing. Yes. Looks […]


Dating Clinic: How (Not) to Talk to Strangers

I recently attended a singles event in Manhattan sponsored by an online dating site. The bar had lots of atmosphere—but very little A/C, so it was social, but sweaty. And while the crowd was very squarely adult (average age probably about 35), you would have thought it was a high school mixer. Women sat along […]


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What Makes a Man: My Take on TED and MOONRISE KINGDOM

I spent several hours this weekend watching adults act like children and children take brave risks in the name of love. I was at the movies. The movies were Seth MacFarlane’s Ted and Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom. Seemingly, the two have nothing in common: We have a funny, crude comedy in which Mark Wahlberg’s character John Bennett […]


Why We’re Lousy At Packing Light

I’m packing for a big trip and doing what I always do when I pack: Reinvent the wheel. I start from scratch and build my life from the ground up, starting with the very base needs (underwear, bra, deodorant, shoes) to the very specific and often imagined ones (how can I be on a beach […]


Get Over Tampons. For Reals.

Tampons have served us well over the years, the decades, haven’t they ladies? There’s no questioning the convenience, the ease of use. I had a major breakthrough at 14 when I finally got up the guts to use one–I had to, since the next day I’d be performing a liturgical dance at my high school […]


I Was Blindsided After Two Dates. WTF?

 Q. I went on two dates with a girl, both of which were really fun, so I asked her out again. And out of the blue, I get a text message from her declining, saying that she appreciates the offer but is "feeling we're not really compatible for…

If I Play Hard to Get, Will He Come Around?

Q. After dating this guy for a month, I asked him where we stood, and he said somewhere between casual and exclusive. I was okay with that, but after three months I called it off. I wanted more. Then I started initiating hangouts, and sometimes…

If You Want Your Dates to Be More Eventful, Start Dressing for Them

Since I've been single, which hasn't been all that long, I've been on three dates. And would you believe two of the three were rocking a hat. Two! And not a hat meant to keep your head warm, nor a hipster/barista's "I didn't shower" knit…

OMG. I Agree with Joel Osteen: Stop Sitting On Your Ass

  Joel Osteen wants me to be obedient. That's what he tells the ginormous congregation at Lakewood Church, and me, when I got caught in his magnetic Christian trance after Meet the Press. But not just any kind of obedient. Boldly obedient. "You're…

Man Earns Praise for Not Being A Selfish Prick

The post was called "Marriage Is Not For You" and it's gotten 24 million views and counting. 24 million. What sounded like it might be an edgy, controversial post ended up doing little more than underscore sentimental, conventional values…

Adopt a Closed (Bathroom) Door Policy

When is it ok to leave the door open when you're on the toilet? The answer is....Never. Never, ever, ever. You hear me? My friend sent along this humorous piece on Jezebel (and when are they not humorous?) in which the author maps the long,…